Auszahlungen für Händler

Auszahlungen für Händler


When and how do I get paid for sales in tipser?

Merchants gets paid for all shipped sales the 25th every month or on the first bank day following the 25th for each order that have been shipped for more than 21 days.

What defines shipped sales?

Order items are set to status “shipped“, and thus ready for settlement, when an order item has been shipped and our grace period of 21 days has passed. So an order that is marked as shipped in Tipser the 2nd of October will be processed, and ready for settlement, the 23rd of october and therefore paid out the 25th of october.

Where can I find total amount breakdown in order to reconcile it with invoice details received from Tipser?

You may find it in Sales report in your merchant account

What is the difference between invoice data and self-billed invoice?

Depending on your choice, Tipser can either send invoice data with all the details for you to generate your own invoice and send us for payment or we may create an invoice for you and make payment accordingly. In this case you will receive an invoice copy for booking purposes and payment notice. This option is called self-billed.

What happens if I get a return of a product that I have already gotten paid for?

The product will be deducted on the next payout.

I have gotten specification for invoicing from Tipser. What do I do with it?

“Specification for invoicing” is our default payout option, a specification against which the merchant is entitled to raise an Invoice to Tipser. This specification will be sent to the address specified on your merchant settings page. Please don’t invoice Tipser without receiving an invoice data. Invoices are paid 10 days net.

In what currency will I be paid/should I invoice in?

You will always be paid in the currency of the market you sold to. For example, if you sell to Germany you will get paid/invoice us in Euros (€).

Will I get paid excluding or including VAT?

Tipser acts as retailer and is registered in Sweden and Germany. If you are a Swedish or German merchant, you will get paid including your local VAT. If you are a merchant located elsewhere in the world you will get paid excluding VAT.

Example Swedish Merchant selling in Sweden:

Consumer price including VAT (25%) is 100 SEK or 80 SEK excluding VAT. Tipser charges commission of 30% of the consumer price excluding VAT. 80 SEK – 30% commission = 56 SEK Tipser adds VAT (25%) when paying out as the product is bought by Tipser on the local market. 56 + 25% = 70. This can also be calculated by only reducing the Consumer price including VAT with the agreed commission . 100 SEK – 30% = 70 SEK including VAT to be paid to the merchant.

Example Swedish merchant selling in Germany:

Consumer price including VAT is 100 € and excluding VAT (19%) is 84,03 €. Tipser charges a commission of 30% of the consumer price excluding VAT. 84,03€ – 30%= 58,82 €. When paying out we add the Swedish VAT (25%): 58,82€ + 25% = 73,52 € will be paid to the merchant.

We usually issue invoices for each order separately. Will it work for Tipser and what can be an alternative solution?

The preferred way is to receive one consolidated invoice per month. It is always possible to change the process from invoice data to self-billed for your convenience where we create an invoice for you.

We have mistakenly sent you an invoice without receiving invoice data / self-billed invoice copy from you. Will you pay for it anyway?

Unfortunately, we have an established process and make payments only once a month. Moreover, we cannot accept your invoice since amount may change by the time we generate invoice data / self-billed invoice. For this reason, we will ask you to delete the invoice or issue a credit note.

Who should I send invoices / credit notes to?

Please send them to [email protected]