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Collaborate with and sell through premium publishers, marketplaces & social media platforms. Tipser’s technology allows consumers to purchase products from any digital surface, directly from content.

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A network of trusted, premium publishers

Tipser guarantees brand safety and security as we partner with the most trusted, premium publishers. We facilitate close relationships between brands and publishers to create a better outcome for both. 


Automatic integration & checkout

Automatic & risk-free integration

With a risk-free CPO based model, your brand only pays for the consumers who buys your products. With the touch-less integration, your product inventory is automatically collected by our technology, and orders are placed directly into your checkout.

How the technology works

In this video, Lassi explains how the Tipser technology works, the benefits to your brand, and the digital channels you can connect with, and sell your products through. 

Why Brands partner with us

"As a danish brand this is a great opportunity to expand on the German market with such a high quality integration. The direct presentation and recommendations of our products via the editors of the magazines is clearly reflecting in the numbers of our sales."
"We've realized that our sometimes little known Korean beauty brands and products need more explanation. Customers are interested in high-quality content about ingredients, effectiveness and origin of the products. Only being part of a long list of products makes therefore little sense to us. With Instyle Shop-it our brands and products get a platform and are - thanks to the expertise of the editors and their knowledge of the behavior of the customer target group -presented in appealing content. Even little known or high-priced products can convince and are bought.“
"Our cellulite-creme is brand new on the market and that is why it is so important to provide as much information on InStyle about effects and ingredients of the product. Thanks to the excellent storytelling from Shop-It this has become a highly important sales channel for us."

Three easy ways to integrate


  • List your products manually in the Tipser portal
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Suitable for small product catalogues

API & plug-in

  • Your product data is automatically updated with the plug-in. 
  • Orders are automatically placed in your system. 
  • Compatible with common platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Shopware. 


  • Product data is automatically read from your existing site. 
  • Orders are placed directly in your existing webshop. 
  • Works with any e-commerce platform. Suitable for even the largest e-commerce sites.


Common questions we hear

Below are some of the most common questions we get from other brands and retailers before they connect their inventory

Creating a merchant account to start selling your products on Tipser is easy. Tipser’s technology validates your inventory (all the way down to stock availability) and makes it available for publishers and marketplaces. Tipser powers the checkout, collects consumer payments and places the orders automatically and simultaneously on your e-commerce site, or sends the orders into your email inbox for fulfilment. All you have to do is to make sure the order is shipped to the customer. 

No, currently there are no costs of creating a user or merchant account. Neither are there any costs for being a part of editorial content where your products will be visible. Tipser only charge an individually set commission for every purchase made on the Tipser platform. The commission is agreed upon when you sign up. If you do not sell anything, it does not cost you anything.

The company must be registered within EU (a VAT number is required).
You must have the ability to send products, and receive returns from the market you are registered in.
Your business must meet the legal requirements to sell your products in the market your account is registered in.

Yes, Tipser operates its checkout as an end-to-end solution, meaning it collects the consumers’ payments, places the orders with the merchants, and acts as first line customer support for all consumers who that have purchased any products via Tipser checkout.

You don’t have to do anything after your inventory is connected, but focus on your daily course of business. Your products will be available to our publisher and marketplace partners to include as part of their content. We do, however, encourage you to work with our Merchant Team to create campaigns and promotions that are available to our publisher network. This increases the likelihood that your products get featured on one of our premium surfaces.

Yes, you need to accept Tipser’s merchant terms as the provider of the checkout solution.