E-commerce and paid-content

Paid-content and e-commerce, a strong combination

Paid-content and e-commerce, a strong combination


Paid content is taking over​

Whether you are a news media, lifestyle and fashion magazine, or a niche publication, paid-content will become one of your main future revenue contributors. Adding e-commerce to your monetization mix supports your publication in this transition from ad sales to self-sustained monetization. Our technology allows you to build up a diversified and profitable economic model that improves your reader experiences.

Why bring e-commerce to your readers?

new revenue

Add a strong and profitable income stream to your revenue mix. 

reader retention

Improve your readership experience through a value-adding shopping offer. 


Allow your readers to engage with your media brand by turning them into your customers. 

Our partners

stable media revenue

With innovation into the future

Affiliate marketing and advertising are proven ways to monetize your audience, but embedded commerce finally offers something new to your revenue strategy. Learn how direct e-commerce helps you to more revenue and makes your readers happier.

new media revenue

Complete your paid-content model with e-commerce

The combination of earnings from subscriptions and paywalls with income from direct online sales helps publishers to a strong business model through revenue diversification.

A way out of ad tech

New revenue in the post-advertising age

Getting started with embedded commerce lets publishers earn more money from their audience in world where traditional ad tech turns declining results.

How does it work?

We bring conversion to the point of inspiration

The intersection of content and commerce

Stay up to date

The publishing industry is changing rapidly. Learn how embedded commerce is bringing new revenue into the post-advertising world. Get your copy of the Content and Commerce – Media Trends Report.

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