Embedded e-commerce

Slide Ask for a demo See what you could earn commerce at the point of inspiration Embedded e-commerce is the
future of affiliate marketing

Monetization with added value

The new revenue source for digital media

Digital publishing platforms and apps are adopting embedded e-commerce as the new way of monetizing traffic, because it offers many of the benefits of affiliate marketing while bringing other benefits such as customer loyalty, retention and user data to the table.

Shopping Directly from content

Sell your favorite products directly

With Tipser you can embed shopping functionality to any existing website. We even give you ready products, handle payments, and customer support on your behalf.

Connect to renowned media

New sales for brands and online retailers

Brands and online retailers receive through connecting to the Tipser Partner-network a new distribution channel, branding, and exposure in renowned media channels with no risk involved. 

Revenue that lasts

With embedded e-commerce, you build up a profitable revenue strategy that complements ad sales and classical affiliate solutions. Our experience has shown that in extreme cases a publisher can earn up to 112$ net commission per 1000 visitors and the revenue keeps growing as you get more experienced with embedded commerce. 

We bring conversion to the point of inspiration

The complete solution for selling on any surface


Easily configurable software that turns any digital surface into a store. 

sellable inventory

You don’t need to own inventory. Our software comes with a wide catalog out of ready to sell products.

consulting & Expertise

Our team helps you implement a successful monetization strategy, tailored for your users.

Operations & support

We handle orders, transactions, and take care of customer support. 

What is the difference between affiliate marketing and embedded e-commerce?

Affiliate marketing

Your readers convert on external shopping sites
  • 7% average commission
  • You need to send users to other websites for conversion to take place
  • Affiliate solutions do not increase customer loyalty the same way that e-commerce does
  • You don't get access to user data

Affiliate marketing is a proven method to monetizing digital media. However, the customer journey ends on the affiliate site, which means you lose readers and traffic. Commissions are usually significantly lower and you become dependent on third parties.

Embedded e-commerce

You sell to your readers directly
  • 20% average commission
  • Readers convert directly on your site
  • All traffic is kept on your site or app
  • You receive the entire customer data

Keep your traffic – the purchase happens onsite. The average commission level is around 20%, exceeding affiliate rates by 5X. You can create a unique reader experience by only selling items that align with your brand and values.

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