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Forget outbound affiliate links

Let your users checkout directly on your site

Product discovery and price comparison sites are evolving into marketplaces by offering their users a direct checkout option. Scale your sales, improve your UX, and get access to your entire user data by implementing direct shopping experiences.

Frictionless commerce

Make your platform future-proof

The emergence of shopping functions on large search engines forces price comparison sites and product discovery platforms to adapt their business model. Consumers are seeking seamless and frictionless experiences. To stay competitive, it is crucial to meet the demands of your users by offering direct checkout possibilities.

The power of data

Understand your users

A direct checkout gives you access to your entire user data. Data allows you to understand your users and their behavior. Through that, you can tailor an offering perfectly matching the needs and interests of your audience. You generate more revenue. Your users benefit not only from a better UX but also from a more relevant product offering.

Offer your users the best UX With Tipser checkout

Offer your users the best UX with Tipser checkout

Learn what has changed through the direct checkout


You generate revenue by sending users out from your platform using affiliate links.
Affiliate link features
  • You send out users out of your platform
  • 3-5% average commission level
  • Data is acquired by the shopping destination
  • A fragmented checkout experience for the user
  • Average of 25 clicks from discovery to purchase

Affiliate solutions were long the widely accepted standard for discovery platforms. Their advantage is an easy implementation and the possibility of fast scaling. Nowadays, they don’t meet user requirements for frictionless experiences anymore. In the longterm, they have lower revenue potential compared to direct checkout systems.

Direct checkout model

Your help your users finding their desired products and let them checkout directly on your platform.
Direct checkout features
  • Your users remain on your platform
  • 5 - 20% commission level
  • You acquire the user data
  • UX-optimized direct checkout on your platform
  • Average of 4 clicks from discovery till purchase

The direct checkout model is taking over the field of price- comparison, discovery, and review. Its advantages – higher revenue potential, better UX, no loss of users, and data acquisition, are overweighing the classical affiliate model. However, while the trend is evolving to direct shopping, the most successful players will implement both affiliates and direct shopping experiences. Both approaches can exist alongside and complement one another.

An end-to-end solution for turning your platform into a marketplace

Complete solution

Our software gives you all the necessary tools to run direct shopping on your platform: a customizable checkout, ready-to-sell inventory, order handling, and customer support.

Merchant onboarding

We take care of the technical merchant onboarding. Our no-touch integration allows it to onboard products from any online merchant on a large scale.


We take care of the hard lifting and handle payments, settlements, order handling, and take care of your users with customer support. You can focus on what you are best at, inspiring people with great products.

Risk management

Tipser’s technology implies a risk-free revenue model for you. The performance-based commission model requires you only to pay for the software when there is traction on your platform.

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