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Tipser collaborates with Europe’s biggest publications, marketplaces and price comparison sites to enable sales on any digital platform. By connecting your catalogue to Tipser you can gain exposure and sales from Europe’s biggest sites and most trusted brands.

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One connection, thousands of opportunities

Get your products featured in curated content and editorial articles. The only thing you have to do is to connect your inventory with Tipser.

Benefits of working with Tipser


Make revenue on selling your products over popular digital media

Brand exposure

Get your brand and products featured in Europe's premium publications

New customers

Get an entire new customer stream through selling to thousands of readers

Your products can become the content

Four steps to more sales

Start your merchant account

Connect products with api or no-touch integration

products will be approved for sale

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Easy ways to connect your products


  • Product data is automatically crawled from your existing site.¬†
  • Orders are placed directly in your existing online store.¬†
  • Works with any e-commerce platform. Suitable for even the largest e-commerce sites.


  • Your product data is automatically updated with the plug-in. 
  • Orders are automatically placed in your system. 
  • Compatible with common platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Shopware. 


  • Upload a smaller number of products manually to our database.
  • Automatic synchronization is not possible, but it is a fast solution to get started right away.
  • Simple and fast solution for smaller e-commerce businesses¬†

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