Turn your traffic into with embedded e-commerce

The benefits of Tipser

New revenue

A reliable revenue source that outperforms advertising or ad tech.

Amazing inventory

A vast inventory of ready, high quality products that you can sell from day one.

Keep your traffic

Affiliate solutions send your traffic away. Stop sending readers away to other websites, and build a relationship instead.

Complete solution

Sit back while we handle payment flows, settlements, customer support, and logistics.

Stop relying on external sources

Outperform affiliates and adtech as revenue drivers

Many Tipser clients have a proven track record of implementing e-commerce in just three months, quickly outperforming affiliate and advertising revenues.

Ready inventory

Start selling products your readers love

We have 10.000 brands ready for you to sell and the inventory is growing every day. We also handle orders, payments and returns so that you don’t have to. And in case you need to add your own products to Tipser it’s also possible.

Seamless branding

Customizable look and feel to perfectly match your brand

You can brand your shop, the product section and your checkout in the look and feel of your brand for a seamless and pixel-perfect UX.

WORKS WITH ANY Digital platform

Tipser adds e-commerce to any digital platform where shopping is needed.

Stories of success

A digital lifestyle magazine decided to give e-commerce a chance to convert their offline readers to online and simultaneously create added value for them. Through that they reached 10x of their revenue compared to ads.

  • 30% average commission
  • 3% conversion rate within articles
  • 10% conversion within shop
  • 70€ net revenue per thousand visitors

An internationally renowned women’s magazine with both large print and online editions shifted to embedded e-commerce as monetization. After a few months time they outperformed their affiliate solutions.

  • 25% average commission
  • 6-9% conversion rate within articles
  • 4% conversion rate within shop
  • 32€ net revenue per thousand visitors

A large daily news media started a subscriber loyalty program. They created an exclusive and unique product offering for their paying readers. This enhanced their subscriber loyalty and strengthened their market position.

  • 20% average commission
  • 100% of inventory sold out during the campaign
  • 1.100€ average order value

Easy to use, endlessly configurable. Built with developers in mind.

Choose your flavour of e-commerce

Products embedded in content are great way to create reader engagement and retention. The key for embedded or native e-commerce is to create the right content matching the interests of your readers.
With Tipser’s technology it is possible to install a full web shop on your site. You can create a designated shopping destination and fill it with products your readers love.

Reach your readers where they are. Instead of drowning your readers in advertising, sell them the products they identify with. 

With Tipser you can seamlessly create micro shopping sites. This is a great way to build a destination for campaigns and special offers. It comes with customizability and offers high conversion rates.

Join the embedded e-commerce revolution