To be prepared for a crisis is not something that crosses a lot of people’s minds. We tend to take things for granted and believe that nothing bad could happen to us.

But one person thought differently, and at a very convenient time. Remember that coronavirus that caught us all off guard in March? You could call it a crisis.

Filip Waak started Bered in early 2020 with the goal to make crisis preparation more conventional, with easy access to information and necessary products. Today, few people are aware of the requirements  set out by the government in case of a crisis, and even fewer people are prepared for one.

Bered offers a custom case filled with products based on the guidelines of the Swedish government. It works like an “insurance” to keep families self-sufficient for a week.

Campaign results between APRIL - MAY, 2021






Products sold

The campaign ran for one month together with Dagens Nyheter and Sydsvenskan, two of Sweden’s largest news media titles. These news sites offer the subscribers exclusive products deals that are promoted in their newsletters. The product was available to be purchased on the news media sites.  

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"Tipser was super easy to set up and use. The platform gave a good overview of the publishers and the support team was very helpful. The collaboration gave me a great opportunity to evaluate the interest of my product in a time efficient and hassle free way with pretty much zero risk. Looking forward to use Tipser in the long term and also use it to evaluate new markets."
Filip Waak
Founder at Bered

Validated the concept with Tipser

This niche brand responded perfectly to the audiences of Dagens Nyheter and Sydsvenskan, which was proven in the sales volume during the campaign period of one month. The collaboration between Bered and Dagens Nyheter went smoothly from the beginning, and Bered sold out its inventory within the campaign period.

Selling through Tipser allowed a small brand like Bered to validate its product, increase revenue, and find the right audience without having to invest in PR or paid advertising.

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