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Happy Friday everyone! We’re finally ready and excited to announce our expansion into the United States with the opening of an office in New York City and the onboarding of industry veteran Mike Sampson to the Tipser executive team.

This exciting development is directly related to the increased client demand that we’ve experienced in recent months from publishers and brands that are looking to expand their embedded e-commerce offerings.

This rise in demand has been true not only for traditional media platforms, but also a trend that has been incorporated by price comparison sites, product review platforms, product listing sites, and mobile apps.

Tipser’s close links to the new Instagram Checkout have also played a big part in this decision to establish a permanent office in the United States.

With the highly experienced Mike Sampson brought in as the Director of Sales North America, we now have a perfect position to build on the success that we have enjoyed in Europe in the last few years by bringing our offering to the vast North American market.

This means our media monetization technology is now available to US publishers, allowing media companies to build up a reliable revenue model through e-commerce offerings for their readers.

Our first undertaking is however not related to monetising traffic on online media. At the outset, the main focus in the US will be on helping brands connect their webshops to Instagram Checkout, a new feature from one of the world’s largest social media platforms that is sure to revolutionize the way many brands approach e-commerce in the coming years.

Tipser is one of only a few companies in the world that can offer a connector to Instagram Checkout as an off-the-shelf service. A service that Tipser has been helping to facilitate in the US since the launch of the Instagram Checkout pilot program earlier this year.

All of the Tipser team are looking forward to establishing new relationships and making a real and positive impact on the North American market in the coming years.

“With the gradual opening of services like Instagram Checkout for US merchants and the consolidation of new marketplace types like Google Shopping Actions, it was natural for Tipser to expand its operations into the US market to allow local merchants to sell anywhere without any integration. Moreover, we are looking forward to helping US-based publishers, marketplaces, and social media with our end-to-end e-commerce monetization platform.”

Josep Nolla, Head of Business Development @ Tipser

An ongoing process

The expansion of Tipser into the US is a significant milestone for the company, and it is also one that allows us to take stock of the journey that has brought us so far in the first place.

From the relatively humble beginnings of 2012 and setting out as a platform that would enable bloggers to monetize their traffic, the Tipser story has been one of constant development and innovation.

Unlike many start-ups that are often forced to pivot when their original plans do not come to fruition as hoped, Tipser’s growth has been linear and organic. There has been very little shift from the idea at the core of the project.

Our initial solution that allowed bloggers to monetize their traffic by selling products inside their blog was met with success, but it wasn’t until the big publishers came to Tipser that things started to accelerate.

The scaling up from personal blogs to major publishers was a game-changer that Tipser has not looked back from. Still, the mission has always remained the same: to help quality online media monetize their traffic through e-commerce. 

This same positive momentum continues today as Tipser strives to help publishers and brands move away from traditional advertising or affiliate links. And with the arrival of Instagram Checkout, we are fully prepared for a new wave of growth and development with this timely expansion into the North American market.

Solid foundations

Tipser’s success in Europe will be something that we look to build upon and replicate in North America. Solid foundations are already in place, and the arrival of Mike Sampson to head up the US expansion will be sure to make our transition into this new frontier even smoother.

Mike Sampson joins Tipser.

Mike has over 25 years of experience across multiple facets of the fashion industry, which will prove to be crucial in the development of our work with Instagram Checkout. This feature’s initial focus will be on brands in fashion, lifestyle, and cosmetics verticals.

As the Senior Vice President of Business Development for the global events company UBM, Mike successfully engineered strategic and tactical strategies for brand development and expansion for over fifty multi-million dollar industry brand leaders at UBM’s flagship fashion events. This high-end experience and decades worth of long-standing relationships with major players in the industry will be invaluable as Tipser looks to gain a strong foothold in this key global market.

Mike had this to say about his own impressions on the work Tipser has been doing in the last few years:

“The traditional retail model no longer exists. Digital technology has changed the way we look for and emotionally attach ourselves to products, and how we purchase. By partnering with brands, in collaboration with strategic digital marketplaces, and focussing on cutting-edge embedded e-commerce, Tipser has created efficient and profitable channels of distribution that enable the consumer to have a seamless and pleasant digital shopping experience.”

Mike Sampson, Director of Sales North America

The embeddable shopping technology that Mike refers to has been implemented by Tipser on some of Europe’s largest websites, including Elle, Aftonbladet, and Price Runner. Now that same technology is available to North American media companies and digital platforms. “I’m proud to represent this amazing platform and look forward to introducing Tipser in the North American market,” Mike added.

A dream fulfilled

The Tipser story is one that is still in its early years, but this expansion into the US market is something that all of those involved from the beginning had envisioned from day one. Or, as our co-founder Marcus explained:

“In the midst of the pandemic we are experiencing a perfect storm with a big shift to online shopping, while media and traffic platforms desperately are looking for new revenue streams to compensate for the accelerated decline in advertising. At Tipser we see an unbelievable increase of inbound requests from clients on both sides of the Atlantic for embeddable e-commerce revenues. We decided to open local operations also overseas, to service these clients best. Since the founding of Tipser 9 years ago, it’s been our dream to expand to the USA and now the time has come.”

Marcus Jacobsson, CEO and co-founder @ Tipser

Despite the difficult times that the whole world has had to deal with in 2020, the present is an exciting time for Tipser.

The next phase in the company’s history is about to get underway, with Tipser ready to develop and evolve once more to become the hub that seamlessly brings together brands, products, and consumers all over the world on any sales surface.

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