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New media revenue and enhanced reader loyalty through direct e-commerce

Dagens Nyheter, one of Sweden’s biggest print and online newspapers, implemented direct e-commerce into their monetization approach. To generate new media revenue and strengthen reader loyalty and engagement, DN offered an electric bicycle exclusively to their subscribers. The bike was branded with the DN logo and equipped with a custom-made bicycle bag.

“E-commerce is a small but growing source of income for us. Additionally, it allows us to create brand awareness and fosters reader retention. We can clearly see a correlation between our shopping offers and reader loyalty. Readers who buy our products are more likely to stay loyal subscribers. This is another way to interact with our readers.”
Per Johnsson
Partnership Manager at DN

Campaign description

The exclusive offer was launched in both print and online. Crucial within this project was the choice of product. An electric bicycle was a great match for the interests and needs of the DN audience. The shopping offer was presented as a service for their readers. The idea was to offer a product that adds value and allows identification with the media brand and its values. The low-price, exclusivity, and limited availability of the offer created a high shopping incentive.

Subscribers could purchase the bike via DN’s dedicated shopping section “DN.Erbjudanden” (EN: customer offers). Here readers could find information about the product and checkout without having to leave DN’s website. Tipser technology allowed DN to embed shopping functionalities directly into their content. Readers were not sent out to any external site, and this native shopping experience helped to drive higher conversion rates.


Brand awareness

New revenue

Reader loyalty

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Campaign results 

Dagens Nyheter has sold 750 electric bikes so far, generating 8,6 million Swedish Krona (approx. 850.000 Euro). It is estimated that they will sell an additional 400 bikes in the first half of 2021.
Apart from the financial gains, this campaign brings several additional benefits. Brand awareness is raised thanks to the 750 bikes riding around Sweden with DN’s logo on them. And more importantly, the bikes are ridden by happy DN readers. Subscribers got a high-quality product tailored to their needs and interests and at a significantly reduced cost.

This campaign showcases how e-commerce as a monetization tool can help to foster reader engagement and loyalty. DN have seen that readers who engage with such loyalty programs have a significantly lower churn rate. Additionally, such initiatives elevate the value of the entire media offering. In this way, the shopping offer keeps existing readers loyal to the publication and also has the potential to attract new ones.

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