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INMA Live webinar

Many people confuse affiliate revenue with e-commerce revenue. Affiliate models send customers to an outside link, while e-commerce allows the organisation to keep customers on its own platform and grow direct collaborations. Direct e-commerce thus brings higher revenue streams and higher conversions.
Dagens Nyheter in Sweden is renowned for critical quality news journalism. In this webinar, Per Johnsson, Partnership Manager at Dagens Nyheter, will walk you through their unique approach to e-commerce for digital audience monetization.
You will learn:
  • DNs’ goals with their e-commerce project.
  • How to implement e-commerce in a news media environment.
  • Organisational structure: team set-up and working process.
  • The Defunc case: from digital banner ads to direct e-commerce.
  • Direct e-commerce: a risk-free model.

Tipser Live webinar

Future of new e-commerce sales channels

Join a discussion on e-commerce trends, inspired by the ‘Sales Channels of The Future’ report. We cover topics such as content commerce and social commerce, what we can learn from the East, how digital platforms are turning into marketplaces and what that means to brands, the ever-changing omni-channel and what will happen to in-store retail in the future.

You will learn

  • How content commerce and social commerce is reshaping e-commerce
  • How Chinese e-commerce trends will impact the Western world
  • How lifestyle brands & retailers can benefit from digital surfaces transforming into marketplaces
  • How the omni-channel model is changing and what it means to brands & retailers
  • The future of in-store retail

FIPP Insider Webinar

Launch of The State of Content & Commerce - Media Trends Report

In this webinar, we share insights into our new report: The State of Content and Commerce – Media Trends Report, which we release in collaboration with FIPP. Our co-founder Axel Wolrath will share his experiences in helping leading publishers running e-commerce for audience monetization. Being one of the main topics in this discussion, you learn about the importance of journalistic integrity in relation to monetization

You will learn

  • Dos and Don’ts in e-commerce driven monetization projects
  • How to foster reader engagement and retention through e-commerce
  • The importance of transparency in content and commerce

Affiliate marketing

The final evolution of affiliate marketing: When commerce happens at the point of inspiration

What happens next in the affiliate marketing business?
In this session we will discuss the forces that drive the development of affiliate marketing technology towards a model where commerce will take place directly at the point of inspiration. We will see how this final evolution creates happier consumers, higher conversion rates with more revenue to share, and ensures a healthy ecosystem of media, brands and consumers.

Media monetization trends

INMA webinar
Pioneers in Content and Commerce: How the Nordics' Largest News Media Moves to E-Commerce

Aftonbladet, the biggest news platform of the Nordic countries in both print and online diversifies its monetization strategy by implementing e-commerce. Learn from the pioneers in the field how they have developed and implemented their vision of the digital media model of the future.

Media monetization trends

FIPP World Media Congress:
The e-commerce opportunity in the post-pandemic media industry

At this year’s FIPP World Media Congress, Tipser founder and CTO Jonas Sjöstedt presents how in the digital age e-commerce becomes the crucial driver for media monetization. In this session you will learn what is needed to implement a successful e-commerce strategy and how this can help publishers in times after the global pandemic.

Availability: On-demand over the FIPP World Media Congress hub.

Media monetization trends

FIPP Insider Webinar: How European publishers turned to e-commerce

FIPP Chairman James Hewes and Tipser co-founder Axel Wolrath in a conversation about how the European publishers are turning towards e-commerce during times when advertising budgets are under pressure.

Media monetization trends

New revenue opportunities for media in tough times

Online media have traditionally focused on advertising, affiliate marketing and subscription models when it comes to monetising traffic. Recently, starting e-commerce directly inside websites has become the fourth alternative, offering some unique benefits over the other approaches. One of those benefits is that e-commerce is something you control, and it helps you create a long lasting relationship with your online visitors.

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