Affiliate networks have a long and successful history in helping brands grow sales online and today almost every brand is connected to at least one affiliate network. That’s why we see a great opportunity for brands to start selling through Tipser while leveraging their existing connection to an affiliate network. We have teamed up with leading affiliate networks, including Awin, Rakuten, CJ Affiliate and Impact Affiliate to make this possible.

Easier reporting and settlement via affiliates

You might be wondering why not just connect your brand to Tipser directly? The main benefit of joining Tipser via one of your existing affiliate networks is the simplicity and convenience it brings to your brands sales reporting, settlements and reconciliation. If you work with an affiliate network today it means that you have the processes in place that are required for handling commissions and accounting. Any sales generated via Tipser’s network of premium publishers will appear on your existing reports.

How does Tipser get the sellable products?

If you are connecting to Tipser via an affiliate network, we would still need to automatically collect your products into the Tipser platform in order to make them buyable on our media partner’s domains. As was mentioned earlier, Tipser is an embedded commerce platform that allows consumers to check out products directly from any digital surface without leaving the service. This means that unlike affiliate links, products are purchased at a point of inspiration with our universal checkout.

You can add products to Tipser’s catalogue in three ways. One, you can let our automatic integration read and analyse product data from your existing website. This method requires no technical knowledge from your brand to set up, and is easy to maintain. If you prefer a more direct connection, you can use our ready plugins or the Tipser API to connect to your commerce system. Either way, getting products into Tipser is very straightforward and our team is ready to help you. In most cases you can do this yourself.

Where do the orders for sold products appear?

If you joined Tipser via an affiliate network it will not differ from the way orders are handled for any other merchants selling via Tipser. With our automatic integration method, Tipser will place new orders directly in your website’s existing checkout and orders appear to you as any usual order coming from a consumer.

How is Tipser’s embedded commerce different to affiliate links?

The biggest difference between affiliate links and embedded commerce is that the purchase and checkout happen directly on one of our premium media partners. The product information and checkout are placed as native part of the publisher’s website or mobile app, which means traffic does not leave the publisher.

One difference is also the catalogue and network of publishers. Tipser is heavily focusing on the biggest and most trusted brands in online publishing, price comparison and product discovery. This means that Tipser gives access to fewer publishers, but all with massive reach and high brand recognition.

We are excited about this new update and are certain it will make it simpler for brands to start benefitting from our network of publishers and marketplaces.

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