Tipser’s technology makes it possible for any content commerce website to be transformed into a shoppable ninja. The solution contains a set of components which when implemented together can handle the entire shopping journey. Tipser’s e-commerce components, called Tipser Elements, are ready to use out-of-the-box and highly customizable for a truly embedded look and feel.

Tipser Elements consist of the following features:

Shoppable product widget

This widget allows publishers to insert shoppable content anywhere on the page. It allows visitors to pick a variant, view more images and information, add products to the cart, or save it for later. This is perfect for embedding shoppable items within articles and selling products relevant to the surrounding content.

The screenshot below is from a product embedded on Itsapark’s website.

Product collection widget

A Collection of Products, because sometimes one is just not enough! This widget allows visitors to choose between curated products or buy them all. This product collection widget can be placed in an article or on any part of the website.

The following snippet is from Itsapark’s clothing section on its website.

Embedded branded store

This is a full-blown online store with products. All in all: classic e-commerce. It allows publishers to create categories and organize products and brands however they like. Whether they wish to sell 100 000 different products or 10, it is up to them.

The image below is Svenska Dagbladet’s branded store, where visitors can find products from several product categories.

Shopping cart on any page

The Cart icon can be placed anywhere on the page to allow visitors to check out their cart at any time.


The universal Checkout allows customers to purchase multiple items from different merchants in one checkout, as shown in the screenshot below. Customers can pay with one of several payment options available for their country. This allows the publisher to keep their traffic and retarget real customers.

Tipser elements – Version 3

Over the past few months, our tech team has been working hard on releasing version 3 of Tipser Elements, which include all of the following new features:

New, lightweight, and modal windows for product details and checkout

They will work even faster and blend into your site even better. Plus, no more iframes.

Simplified HTML syntax

With simplified HTML syntax, every widget can be used the same way, making it more consistent and logical.

Support for the US market and dynamic tax calculations

As Tipser has now taken off in the US, it was important for us to ensure that our technology could also support this market. Dynamic tax calculations allow state-specific taxes to be calculated dynamically after the user has entered their delivery address.

As shown in the screenshot below from Bustle, tax is displayed after entering the delivery information.

Once delivery information is entered, the state-specific tax is automatically calculated.

Cart view as a new step in the customer journey

The cart view appears before the checkout view and is great for customers as they can now look at all the products in their cart before they get to the checkout view, as shown in the example below. This means that if the customer wants to remove or adjust the number of items, they can do so before getting to the checkout.

Everything is customizable by CSS

This is great news for publishers as this means that they can change the look of every element we provide themselves without relying on support from us. This gives them a sense of greater control over the look and feel of the elements.


The new features in version 3 were developed to improve the experience of using Tipser’s technology for our publishers. Moreover, features such as the cart view also add to an improved user experience for customers. Our team is also currently working on new payment methods that will be introduced only in Elements Version 3.

Owing to the advantages of using version 3, almost all Tipser clients decided to switch to it. To make the migration process easier for our clients, we also created a step-by-step migration guide. Moreover, our team was always there to provide any support when needed.

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