The best dashboards provide a clear overview of your business performance and answer important questions about your business. Tipser’s Analytics Dashboard does exactly that.

Over the past few months, we at Tipser have been working on building an analytics dashboard. The key focus of this dashboard is to provide publishers with a better overview of their sales, top-selling products, and best-performing articles. The visualisation of data will not only aid with decision making but will also help identify areas of improvement.

The publisher can access this dashboard by logging into As soon as the publishers log into the Tipser app, they will see a new tab called ‘Analytics’. They can then click on this tab to get a quick overview of their sales, orders, and average order value with Tipser, as shown in the screenshot below.

The publisher can also select a custom time range or look into sales for the previous week or month.

The dashboard has four main views

  • Sales
  • Product performance
  • URL performance
  • Campaign performance

Sales View

The Sales view allows publishers to view their sales performance for any given date range. They can look at sales on a monthly and cumulative basis. The cumulative view helps them understand how their sales add up over time, while the sales view by month helps them compare their current sales performance to previous months and also identify months of high or low sales.

Product Performance View

The publisher can also look into their product performance, as shown below. This table helps them identify their top-selling products both in terms of sales and quantity. Moreover, they can also look into how much commission they’ve earned through the sales of these products or the number of products sold.

This data can help publishers focus on their top-performing products with Tipser and organize campaigns promoting these specific products to generate more sales.

Campaign Performance View

This view helps publishers identify their top-performing campaigns and how those campaigns translated into commission for them. They can then use this data to identify the campaigns that performed and didn’t perform well and then use this information to come up with similar campaigns in the future. This information can also be used to better understand why certain campaigns may have performed better and to also compare the performance of various campaigns in terms of sales, quantity and commission.

URL Performance View

The URL performance view enables publishers to dive deeper and identify their top-performing articles. This is great as it helps them identify the kind of content that customers love and the kind of content that customers perhaps don’t enjoy as much. They can filter this information based on sales, quantity, and commission.


The visualisation of data is always extremely helpful when it comes to understanding business performance, and the purpose of this dashboard was to enable publishers to do just that. We hope that by using this information, publishers will gain greater insights into their performance with Tipser. Moreover, we are also working towards adding more views in the future, related to product clicks, returns and product views to help publishers make smarter decisions.

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