It is no secret that companies today use data visuals and analytics to draw valuable insights and make informed decisions about their businesses. In order to help our merchants achieve steady growth, our tech team at Tipser recently introduced the Merchant Analytics Dashboard. This dashboard aims to provide merchants with all the necessary data and information that they need to improve their sales performance with Tipser.

You can access The Analytics Dashboard by logging into Once logged in, you will see the Analytics tab at the top left corner. The dashboard has five main views.

  • Sales view
  • Publisher performance
  • Article performance
  • Campaign performance
  • Product performance.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these views:

Sales View

The sales view is the first view that appears right at the top in the analytics portal. As soon as the merchant logs into, this view helps them get a quick overview of their overall performance with Tipser in terms of sales, orders, and average order value. They can view this data for any given date range, as shown in the screenshot below.

The merchants can also look at sales on a monthly or cumulative basis. The cumulative view helps them understand how their sales add up over time, while the sales view by month helps them compare their current sales performance to previous months and identify months of high or low sales.

Publisher Performance View

This view helps the merchant identify top-performing publishers that generated higher sales and commissions for them. Keeping this information in mind, the merchant can look into collaborating with these publishers more often to improve their sales performance. On the other hand, the merchant can also look into campaign ideas to improve their performance on other publisher sites where sales appear low.

Article Performance View

The article performance view provides valuable insight into the sales and commissions generated from the articles that featured the merchant’s products. They can use this to identify articles that generated the highest sales or commissions for them. This information will also help the merchant identify content that features their product in the best way possible, thereby helping them narrow down the content publishers they should collaborate with more often for better sales and visibility.

Campaign Performance View

The campaign performance view helps the merchant get some insight into the best-performing campaigns over a specific period and the sales and commissions generated from them. The merchant can then use this information to plan for future campaigns in terms of the kinds of campaigns that perform well and those that do not. Moreover, they can also use this information to understand why some campaigns may have performed better than others.

Product Performance View

The product performance view helps the merchant identify their best-selling products. They can filter this by sales, quantity, and commission and use this data to identify products that generate the maximum amount of commissions or sales for them. The merchant can then look into running campaigns on publisher sites to promote these products for even greater sales or even tailor campaigns to boost the sales of products that have been under-performing.


We created this dashboard to help our merchants dive deeper into their performance with Tipser with ease. We hope that our merchants will find this information useful and that it will aid with decision-making. Moreover, we hope to include even more views in the future so that our merchants can grow their sales with Tipser even further.

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