Tipser is joining forces with Bolt, the company behind the best online checkout experience in the world and our team couldn’t be more excited about the journey we’re about to embark on together. Early on we learned that both Bolt and Tipser share the same vision and culture, and we soon learned that a merger could unlock huge synergies. In Bolt we have found a business that not only shares our vision of enabling commerce anywhere, but just as importantly a team that is deeply committed to building a conscious culture at the workplace. 

Demand for embedded commerce is booming

The demand for embedded commerce solutions is booming. Consumers expect immediate action, convenience and tight connection between inspiration, product discovery and purchase. Almost daily we see new initiatives around content monetisation, enhanced reader services, driven by a multitude of players with access to large audiences, such as classic online publishers, social networks, search giants and user generated content platforms.  

Simply put – commerce is on a move from the traditional online stores and marketplaces to anywhere relevant and convenient. A recent test conducted by one of the largest Tipser clients showed that an embedded checkout outperformed affiliate links with two times more revenue. Embedded just works - and our technology is about to get even better. 

After some years of a direct-to-consumer trend most brands realize that they can’t be successful by selling alone. You can only maximize your potential by working together with online media, embedded marketplaces, influencer platforms and social media. 

The best checkout on Earth meets the best embedded commerce tech

The goal for Bolt is to create the best online checkout experience on Earth. It’s power derives from a seamless UI that recognizes returning shoppers and allows them to purchase securely with one click. 

Tipser on the other hand is the pioneer in embedded commerce, offering a wide array of technologies and services that make products buyable directly at the point of inspiration. Over the years we have successfully powered transactions inside anything from voice activated search, social media feeds and Google search results, to the more traditional marketplaces and publishers. 

The power of this combined offering is incredibly compelling for brands, publishers and consumers alike who will benefit from a faster, safer and more inspiring way to shop online. 

Looking back how it all started

In 2011 Tipser was founded out of a realisation that advertising as a way of monetizing content, was outdated, inefficient and inconvenient. Advertising requires enormous amounts of exposure to drive a single purchase. We decided to build an infrastructure that was, instead of bringing consumers to stores, bringing stores to consumers. 

The vision to reverse a dominating business logic was a complex task that took us from equipping blogs with pop-up shops, through enabling sales in local news outlets to serving some of the biggest media platforms of EU and US with embedded commerce solutions. 

Today Tipser’s vision is to make shopping an embedded, ubiquitous part of the internet experience in general. We are proudly and humbly realising that Tipser’s stubborn and purposeful quest has rendered us a spot as inventors and thought leaders in a new industry.

A superior service to Tipser customers

Over the past ten years we have built a network of leading online media and product discovery sites that together reach more than 200 Million consumers each month. These publishers depend on Tipser’s technology to generate a stable revenue stream. Tipser also is a sales channel for more than 7000 brands who have found our network an invaluable asset in their toolbox for sales and brand exposure.

Our merger with Bolt allows us to offer our network the best checkout technology while accelerating the development of the rest of our offering. Our daily operations continue just as they have before and your contacts at Tipser remain the same.

What matters in the end is the team

Even if all technical and commercial boxes are checked – the decision to merge ten years of research, development, innovation boils down to people and culture. We originally founded the company to build a working culture that we could be proud of. Tipser is a family of 120+ dedicated visionaries who have not only created a new embedded economy but also created a unique company culture built around trust, transparency and accountability.

Coming up to the merger with Bolt, an absolute epiphany was the realisation that Bolt values culture and team as high as we do. This is manifested in everything from team structures, ideas on autonomy, room for innovation and of course the fact that Bolt is the developer of the pledge. This makes us feel confident when asking our team to continue the ride with us and Bolt. Together we’re so much stronger and can influence good cultural changes not only to our ever bigger teams, but also as a role model for any aspirational company out there!

We're ready to start another chapter in the history of online commerce.

Marcus Jacobsson, Co-founder & CEO

Jonas Sjöstedt, Co-founder & CTO

Axel Wolrath, Co-founder & CSO

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