Astronomical. Interstellar. Meteoric.

This fall, Tipser unveiled its new brand inspired by space, exploration of the unknown, and, above all, the company’s unique internal culture. But the decision to refresh the brand was not taken lightly – despite the “out of this world” touch, the new branding has a solid foundation on Tipser’s business goals.

“Our vision is to turn all digital surfaces into shopping destinations. There is a sense of endless possibilities, adventure, and exploration about it – for both our publisher and merchant clients, and also for the consumers that travel in this space called e-commerce,” says Rosi Georgieva, Creative Director of Tipser.

The core idea of space came from inside the company.

“For several years, Tipserians have used space as a metaphor in their daily talk. We are a rocket ship, clients and partners are planets, the universe is the internet, and so forth. Even the internal onboarding guide is called the Tipserian’s Guide to the Galaxy. I couldn’t get it out of my head in the initial design hypothesis phase,” says Georgieva.

From generic to galactic

The main driver for the change was that Tipserians themselves did not feel that the old brand represented a technology company. According to Georgieva, the brand felt a bit too white label and didn’t stand out enough.

“Some internal feedback mentioned that the logo looked like a fashion brand’s logo. This, of course, doesn’t work for a future-looking company like Tipser.”

While in some ways the change is quite subtle – Tipser has retained its dark blue main color and the brand has always sounded confident and passionate – the logo, for instance, underwent a significant change.

From the fully capitalized “TIPSER” – with a dot at the end – the logo was changed to a lower case format with a T-symbol in front of the company’s name.

“It’s a telescope. It ties into the idea of looking out to the universe to find new exciting opportunities.

A strong brand needs to robust connection to business strategy

A strong identity means that people will trust the brand, which helps close deals faster and fosters an appealing employer brand and higher employee engagement.

“While Tipser’s technology is completely unique – we are building a new industry, after all – new competitors are always entering the market. We want to make sure we don’t get too comfortable and are always looking for ways to renew ourselves,” states Georgieva.

For a B2B brand, Tipser’s new galactic brand may seem a bit of a bizarre choice, but it draws from a strong belief that pioneers of e-commerce are adventurous at heart. Tipser’s new visuals are almost touristic, depicting travelers in an imaginary world.

“You need to know who your main target groups are, and you need to understand them. In the world of new tech and e-commerce, you should also be able to inspire them! That’s why we are inviting our clients and consumers for a ride in a universe full of excitement and possibilities.

Finally, Georgieva emphasizes the importance of input from Tipserians and support from Chief Marketing Officer Lassi Eronen.

“Nothing about the new brand would exist without Tipser’s culture and the people that create it.”

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