Cookies & analytics

Introduction to cookies and analytics

Tipser uses cookies to facilitate the use of and the platform to personalize certain parts of the content. A cookie is a small text file sent from Tipser’s web server and saved by your browser. The information stored may contain information about how you navigated and used our websites, as well as information about the web browser you are using.


  • To allow the system to recognize recurring users to personalize the service
  • Estimate and report user numbers and traffic
  • Manage security, such as when purchasing and order handling
  • Develop and improve the site by understanding the user behaviour

Tipser uses aggregated statistics about users / traffic and traffic providers. Such statistics never contain any kind of personal information. IP addresses, related to behavior on the site, are not stored in our database, so your information can never be linked with your identity. Your IP address is stored only for security reasons in cases where you actively register yourself on the site, for example, in a purchase situation or notice of interest.

How you can deny this service

You can delete cookies from your hard drive at any time, but this will make your personal settings disappear. You can also change the settings in your browser so it does not allow cookies to be saved to your hard drive. This can deteriorate the functionality of certain web pages, can prevent access to member pages and can make certain content and features unavailable.

To withdraw your consent for cookies on You can do this by removing the cookies from your browser. See the “Help” section in your browser or find your browser below and follow the link.

For more information about how to prevent cookies, visit